My favorites from Dwell on Design

My time at Dwell on Design last weekend was crazy busy but I did steal steal away from the APLD booth a few times to wander the floor.  Here are some of my favorite attractions from the show: The first thing I liked right off the bat was the staircase leading to the convention hall.  This was plastic, but I can imagine copying any picture or photo onto metal, slicing it up and attaching to the risers of a staircase, be it indoors or outside.  IMG_2216 An outdoor shower, especially when you have kids (or husbands) and a pool (or not), is such a great and affordable idea.  Here is a ready made one from Fermob.


How about this mini camper for travel or the backyard? IMG_2306                   These bicycles were sturdy-looking and colorful, but what I like best of all is the basket integrated into the handlebars and body. IMG_2238 How about this for color?  Sue Fisher King makes custom french enameled lava stone tables and countertops in a huge assortment of colors. IMG_2243 Look closely at the curves in the wood from old oak barrels IMG_2303   And speaking of wine….what do you do with the four bottles of wine that you opened last night and were not able to polish off by yourself? IMG_2284

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