California Native Garden Coming to Life

It always brings me such Joy and Satisfaction to see a New Garden coming to life.  I visited a garden today that was created in the fall.  Before we added any plants, the only thing growing in the entire back yard was weeds and one monster Wisteria that the homeowner’s grandfather had planted years ago.  That poor thing needed to get cut way back in order to build a new pergola to support it but it is growing back with enthusiasm.



We planted mostly California native plants, succulents, and eight trees, including two citrus.  Rainwater is captured from the house and the garage into two dry creek beds.


A recirculating fountain has attracted birds from the first day it was hooked up.

bird on fountain


Butterflies are everywhere!!!

monarch burbank

2 thoughts on “California Native Garden Coming to Life

  1. Gorgeous! Especially when knowing that in light of our water restrictions, you can create a garden as beautiful and meaningful as if water were plentiful. Kudos! BTW what is that white flower in the third pic? A buckwheat? Love it all.

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