Holiday Gift Guide/Wish List

If there is one thing I love as much as gardening, it is shopping. Shoe shopping tops the list, but honestly, any kind of shopping at all fits the bill. At the risk of bragging, I will tell you that I am a very good shopper and gift giver. My family always celebrates Christmas and at the peak of the gift giving I would buy presents all year long and have everything wrapped, beribboned and stockings stuffed by Thanksgiving. Now that everyone is getting older we have mostly done away with exchanging gifts. The only one left to exchange with is my husband who pretty much never has even the slightest clue what to get me. Since my birthday is in November, I make up a combined Birthday/Holiday list for him. The list is usually longer than necessary since I love to be surprised. He can pick what he wants from the list and I don’t know ahead what he will or will not get.

I am happy to share with you some of the things on my list.

What do you get for the gardener who has everything? A solar-powered garden gnome, of course! You might be expecting him to light up, but instead he is powered to wave at you non-stop. This little guy will put a smile on your face every time.

For digging, I love a nice large trowel, really more of a scooper. I have a collection of them scattered throughout the garden. This particular one, made by Bond, is a great size with a comfortable handle. It even has a ring on the end if you are the organized, hang your tools type. I find that with this extra large head or “deeply dished blade”, if you will, you can move more soil while you’re in there nice and close up.

For snipping herbs, cutting small succulents or doing any kind of delicate pruning, these Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors are the perfect tool. I lost a pair of them to TSA security (grrrrr!!), so am in the market for a replacement pair. They are available all over the internet, Amazon, Sur La Table, you name it.

For those cool nights when you can’t get quite close enough to the fire pit, how about these super-fun  blankets? They are washable and, what I really love, artisan-made from repurposed materials. This one is the “Positive Vibrations Blanket”…and we could all use some positive vibrations right now.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sprayman.jpg

Who doesn’t appreciate an item that knows how to multi-function? This spiffy watering can also doubles as a mister. The “2 in 1 Sprayman” comes in an assortment of fun colors and is available on Amazon

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is garden-gloves.jpeg

I usually manage to remember to put gloves on right after I have completely ruined my manicure. This is despite the fact that I have a pair on the potting bench, in the garage, in my car…in short, all over. I have different kinds, but these these “Foxgloves” are, hands down, my favorites. They are easily washed, super comfortable and mold to your arm so they don’t slouch down and no dirt is allowed to get in there. They come in nine different colors. So far I only have three of those colors.

Happy Shopping!!

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